A To-Do List Surprise


I have this notebook full of to-do lists — the grocery list, the day’s running expenses, documents I have to complete for work. It’s quite a stressful notebook, you might say. So imagine my surprise when I was about to write a fresh to-do list one morning and found this cute little image when I flipped a page.

Keep calm and smile, Mommy!

Keep calm and smile, Mommy!

Somehow my son had drawn on this little notebook of mine when I wasn’t looking.

It was a welcome surprise that busy day. It was a fresh way for me to take a break from my to-do list and enjoy the moment. Thanks, my boy. :)

Sometimes we all need a little reminder to take a deep breath, take a break and just chill. This drawing did just that for me!

What little surprises in your day have helped de-stress you? Come share!

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