Foodie recommendations: A 12-stop virtual food tour


Food’s on my mind. It’s midnight and I’m craving for an Avocado Mochiko, but perhaps I’ll satisfy that craving when I can visit Mezza Norte or Eastwood soon. *tummy grumbles* My Flickr account has been filled with foodie photos I’ve been meaning to share with you! Now’s the perfect time to do this. Maybe instead of Mochiko I’ll be craving for something else instead. 😛 Come on now, let’s go on a virtual food tour!

First stop: Charlie’s Grind and Grill
I’ve been hearing about Charlie’s for YEARS now but never got around to tasting their famous burgers. HAH! That changed last week when my family and I decided to finally stop by their place along Ortigas Ave. I asked the cashier what he would reco for this first-timer, and he said to try the Wagyu Cheeseburger. Why not?, my Mom and I thought, so we got one each.

Wagyu Cheeseburger @ Charlie's Grind and Grill
Presenting the Wagyu Cheeseburger. I’m not a burger person, so I’m not sure if this was really good or just good. I enjoyed my burger experience nonetheless and am looking forward to trying their Angus burger next time!

Shrooms Vegetarian Burger @ Charlie's Grind and Grill
My Dad doesn’t eat meat so we got him the Shrooms Vegetarian Burger. It was so yummy! I wish I had ordered this instead. I’ll probably order this next time. :) My Dad liked his burger very much!

Meatballs Marinara @ Charlie's Grind and Grill
Their Meatballs Marinara was so delicious! It tastes sweet at first but has a spicy kick! My toddler enjoyed it, even if their was a little spice. What I loved best about this dish were the crumbly meatballs. Some meatballs are chewy when you bite into them. These meatballs smoothly crumbled into my mouth. That doesn’t make a very pretty picture but I assure you, they were delicious.

Chocolate milkshake from Charlie's Grind and Grill. Highlight of my meal!
Get their Chocolate Milkshake with your burgers! This was absolutely yummy. It wasn’t cloyingly sweet nor was it bitter. It was very, very, very good. I am definitely getting this next time. My son enjoyed eating it with a spoon.

Charlie’s Grind and Grill: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Second Stop: Papa John’s
No pizza pictures for now! What I love best about dining at Papa John’s is their pepperoncini!

Pepperoncini @ Papa John's Pizza - SM North Edsa

Dip these spicy sidings into its accompanying butter sauce and you’re in foodie heaven. Just try not to think of the many calories butter brings.

Papa John’s: Website | Facebook

Third stop: Kimono Ken
My must-have at Kimono Ken is their Chirashi Don.
Chirashidon @ Kimono Ken
This is a mixed sashimi rice bowl. Kimono Ken serves this with Miso Soup, making the eating experience even more delicious.

Mango Tempura Ice Cream @ Kimono Ken
Their Mango Tempura Ice Cream is a great way to wrap up a meal. Chocolate-laced vanilla ice cream is served on top of hot mangos coated in tempura batter. Delicious.

Kimono Ken: Website | Facebook

Fourth stop: Mary Grace Cafe
Hot chocolate and grilled ensaymada has never been this yummmmmmmy.
Mary Grace Hot Chocolate & Grilled Ensaymada @ Cafe Mary Grace
Get the grilled version of their ensaymada. Then order their Mary Grace Hot Chocolate. When you have them together, dip a chunk of your grilled ensaymada into the gooey, hot chocolate. HEAVEN.

Mary Grace Cafe: Website | Facebook

Fifth stop: Mochiko
There are a lot of Mochiko kiosks, but the one I chanced upon was at the Eastwood weekend food fair. I’ve tried a bunch of flavors from Mochiko, but their Avocado is my favorite.

Avocado Mochi @ Mochiko

After purchasing a piece, let it thaw for 2 to 3 minutes before biting into it. It’s worth the wait!

Mochiko: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Sixth stop: Ramen Cool
I forgot the exact name of this ramen, but it has “Kimchi” somewhere in its name. For now let’s call it Kimchi Ramen.
Kimchi Ramen @ Ramen Cool
Spicy, savory and comforting — it’s got all I want from a hot bowl of ramen. Definitely one of my all-time favorite ramen dishes in the city.

Ramen Cool: Facebook

Seventh stop: J. Co Donuts
During my rare visits to Greenbelt, I’d always see the J.Co Donuts store super filled with people. The lines were insane. The donuts HAD to be that good then, right? Are these gourmet donuts worth the wait in line? The next time my family and I visited the area we decided we just HAD to find out!

J. Co Donuts. Are these good? We'll find out! 1st time.

My favorite was their signature product, the Alcapone. It’s the donut on the top left corner of the picture. It has white Belgian chocolate and crunchy Californian almonds. VERY good. VERY crave-able. Perfect with a cup of hot coffee.


J.Co Donutes: Website | Facebook

Eighth stop: Cerveseria
Spanish food is LOVE. Cerveseria is one of the best tapas restaurants I’ve dined at and I can’t wait to go back! Their food is simply delicious.

Fried Shimeji Mushrooms at Cerveseria. Mmm!
Fried Shimeji Mushrooms — great way to start the meal!

Paella Cerveseria. Mmm! #lunch
Paelle Cerveseria. Their house paella. SUPER GOOD. My 3-year-old wouldn’t stop stuffing his face with it. 😀 The whole family enjoyed this very much!

Iberian Chicken. Cerveseria. Mmm!
Their best-selling Pollo Iberico. Chicken slow-roasted for 4 hours, cooked in butter, garlic, pepper and rosemary. The meat is succulent and falls off the bone. Gah.

Huevos Rotos con Tocino - Fried String Potatoes, Eggs, Bacon. Mmm! At Cerveseria.
Huevos Rotos con Tocino — fried string potatoes, eggs, bacon. I’d have this for breakfast everyday.

Cerveseria: Facebook

Ninth Stop: Icebergs
Who doesn’t like a good chili dog? I’m searching for the BEST chili dog in the city. Can anyone help me? One of my favorites is Icebergs’ version.

Chili Dog @ Icebergs

Icebergs: Facebook

Tenth Stop: Fabrizio’s Frozquillo’s
Cappuccino or vanilla swirl with your barquillos? At Megamall.
This is a 'frozquillo'. Soft serve vanilla ice cream stuffed into a big barquillo then topped off with a swirl and sprinkles. P30.00 snack!
This is a ‘frozquillo‘. Soft serve vanilla ice cream stuffed into a big barquillo then topped off with a swirl and sprinkles. P30.00 snack!

This kiosk can be spotted at SM Megamall, ground floor, near Toy Kingdom.

Eleventh Stop: Chicago Popcorn Shop:
Chicago Popcorn Shop. Almond Cashew Krisp popcorn. Mmmmmmm.
Butter? Cheese? These classic flavors are great but it doesn’t hurt to jazz up your popcorn now and then. Chicago Popcorn Shop’s Almond Cashew Krisp will tickle your tastebuds! It’s just the right kind of salty and sweet. Love it!

Chicago Popcorn Shop: Website | Facebook

Twelfth Stop: La Creperie
La Creperie's Angelina's - French hot chocolate. Sooooo good.
La Creperie is a quaint French restaurant that is full of charm. They serve a lot of savory dishes, CREPES, and best of all, yummy hot chocolate. This is called Angelina’s – “Paris style rich hot chocolate served with dark chocolate couvertures (60% cacao) and a side of whipped cream.” ASFSAGDAGDA. I love this hot chocolate.

Did I mention they have crepes? This is their Salidou, a salted butter caramel crepe topped with whipped cream. Simple and sweet, great for those who don’t like loads of filling in their crepes. Yummy with vanilla ice cream too.

Chocolate crepe with all sorts of yumminess. La Creperie.
I forgot what this is exactly called but it’s most likely a chocolate crepe with vanilla ice cream and almonds 😛

La Creperie serves savory crepes too which are absolutely yummy. I wasn’t able to take pictures of my savory crepes. Maybe next time!

La Creperie: Facebook

Did you enjoy our 12-stop food tour? If you have any restaurant recommendations, please share them in the comments section! :) Bon appetit! Kain tayo!

10 Comments on Foodie recommendations: A 12-stop virtual food tour

  1. Tin | The Average Jane
    November 12, 2012 at 10:22 am (12 years ago)

    Mary Grace cafe’s the best! So miss their pastas and iced teas. =)

  2. Faye
    November 12, 2012 at 10:46 am (12 years ago)

    wow i was only able to cross out Mary Grace here. but i am definitely going to try the other 11. (will probably try J.Co donuts last though because i really find the long lines ridiculous…in my case it took away the curious cat in me)
    Faye´s last blog post ..Maia Travels: Rizal Park Tour Part I

  3. Kathy Ngo
    November 12, 2012 at 12:07 pm (12 years ago)

    6 out of 12 I have tried. Not bad I say. Thanks for the tip on the others.
    Kathy Ngo´s last blog post ..Goal: Php100k nest egg

  4. Jenn Tan
    November 12, 2012 at 1:09 pm (12 years ago)

    Just had lunch but reading your entry made me hungry again. Dang :)

    Try Gavino’s (tweeted it to you before) and also Mad Mark’s for their Sandwiches and Homemade Ice Cream (Half-Baked Madagascar and Roasted Sumatra, FTW!) :)

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  7. Noah Smith
    August 13, 2020 at 11:08 am (4 years ago)

    These photos made me hungry! Im trying to control myself not to crave these now but I am currently looking for food that has the same as theses photos. I am trapped in these photos! I wish i could be full just by looking these photos.


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