How we treat a low grade fever (lagnat-laki or not!)


Do you believe in lagnat-laki? It’s an old folks’ term for a fever said to be caused by a child’s rapid growth. If you have an infant, a toddler, a child or even a teenager at home, you may have heard this term used before. It’s like a phantom fever — you don’t exactly know what caused the sudden onset of a low grade fever. Nonetheless, lagnat is still lagnat. A fever is still a fever. You still have to take extra care. When Timmy is said to have lagnat-laki, in my heart I want to believe it but in my head I’m pretty darn sure he got a virus from somewhere.

A fever’s not such a bad thing. It’s the body’s natural response to illness and your immune system’s way of working to fight this off. This is why I try not to give my son paracetamol unless his fever goes beyond 37.8 Celsius. Before giving him any medication though, I first consult with my pediatrician to be super sure!

But a fever, even if it’s low-grade, can be quite uncomfortable. Here are natural ways that have worked for me and my toddler when treating a low grade fever.

Attending to a low grade fever
Tools for treating a low grade fever

  • Watchful observation. Observe your child over the next 1-3 days. Monitor his fever regularly with a thermometer. Get medical care immediately if you observe and feel your child is having a serious fever or if his fever’s been running for more than two days. Always trust your mother’s intuition too.
  • Cooling measures. Ensure increased fluid intake to avoid dehydration and to flush out the illness. Water is best, but I also give my son his favorite juices. Give your child a lukewarm sponge bath to refresh him and make him feel more comfortable. A cold compress over the forehead can help make him feel better too. I like using the KoolFever patch while my son is napping as it doesn’t fall off when he moves in his sleep.

Comfort food: Danggit and rice

Comfort food: Strawberry yogurt

  • Give him his comfort food. Losing appetite can happen when one has a fever. Boost your child’s appetite and strength with his favorite dishes — for as long as they’re nutritious! Timmy loves fish and rice, as well as strawberry yogurt. Feed a fever, right?

No gadgets allowed today

Favorite things

  • Limit the use of electronics, such as handheld gadgets and TV. My son is big on gadgets so getting an electronics detox during his feverish days was quite difficult. (That’s also a lesson for me to significantly lessen his attachment to electronics). He wants to be constantly stimulated. Instead of TV and the iPad, we turned on the radio and put on some music. We also pushed him more to play with his favorite toys. Light reading was also encouraged. Net: UNPLUG.
  • Rest, rest, rest. A fever may be the body’s way of saying “Hold up! Slow down! I gotta fight the bad guys first so go to bed, get some rest, and let me take care of it.” Listen to your body. Help your child listen to his.

Nurture yourself

  • Take care of the caretaker. Watching a sick toddler can be tiring, so don’t forget to nurture yourself too. I was wondering why I was super hungry at 2.30 am this morning when I realized I had forgotten to eat dinner. You need your strength to take care of your little ones so don’t forget to nourish yourself. A little treat for the caretaker isn’t bad, too! 😉 Pictured here is my own treat: a hot cup of coffee and my sister’s delicious cookies.
  • Contact your pediatrician at the onset of a fever. While these tips have worked for me and Timmy, I strongly recommend that you first consult your doctor for any kind of treatment. Keep in close touch with her and update her on your child’s progress. We’re blessed with a good relationship with our pediatrician, so she’s always just a call away anytime of the day for consultation.

Timmy has been feeling better the past few days. He started having a fever last Monday, and is now much, much better. Whether it was lagnat-laki or a viral infection, I’m assured we took the right steps to care for him the past 48 hours.

I, on the other hand, have been feeling under the weather. This time though I’m sure it’s not lagnat-laki. I could only wish. 😛

It’s the rainy season! Make sure you and your kids stay safe and healthy. How do you treat your child’s fever at home?

7 Comments on How we treat a low grade fever (lagnat-laki or not!)

  1. Martime
    June 21, 2013 at 9:25 am (11 years ago)

    Sorry to hear that both of you are sick, Toni! :( Vito has an upper respiratory tract infection which upsets him greatly at night naman. Haaay :( Praying for good health for us all. Take care!

    Hugs to you and praying for Vito’s good health too!

  2. ceemee
    June 21, 2013 at 6:02 pm (11 years ago)

    Yesterday, my youngest suddenly had fever, she even threw up twice. I had no idea what was wrong, but to keep her temperature down, I wipe her hot points with bimpo and water every 30 minutes. I also gave her lots of water and I kept checking her temperature. I was relieved when her fever went away in the afternoon, the same time she pooped. I guess it’s some kind of germs.

    Hope you are feeling better, Toni.

    Thanks Ceemee. I’m feeling much better. That’s a relief to know your youngest is feeling better too. Stay safe!

    ceemee´s last blog post ..Old School Blogging, Cymplified!


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