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Tokyo Bubble Tea: What we ate, what we loved

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Tokyo Bubble Tea has the best Takoyaki I’ve tasted. (Qualifier: I’ve only tasted takoyaki from mall kiosks.) Takoyaki is a popular Japanese snack — a pan-grilled dumpling with diced octopus. Tokyo Bubble Tea’s Takoyaki is slightly crispy on the outside, warm and chewy on the inside. It’s deliciously tasty and addicting. One order of 8 […] Read more…

Some like it chocolatey hot

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You say “siling labuyo”, I say “grandfather”. Siling labuyo is a red hot chili pepper that’s tiny in size but packs a mean-sized punch. My late grandpa could eat a whole siling labuyo without batting an eyelash. He was a true blue Bicolano and had a passion for good food, especially spicy ones! I wonder […] Read more…

Foodie recommendations: A 12-stop virtual food tour

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Food’s on my mind. It’s midnight and I’m craving for an Avocado Mochiko, but perhaps I’ll satisfy that craving when I can visit Mezza Norte or Eastwood soon. *tummy grumbles* My Flickr account has been filled with foodie photos I’ve been meaning to share with you! Now’s the perfect time to do this. Maybe instead […] Read more…

The bliss of solitary eating

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Eating alone is bliss. While I love sharing meals in a social gathering whether it’s a huge party or a date with my husband, I highly enjoy solitary eating. It wasn’t always like that though. In high school, eating alone was for pariahs. To eat alone in the canteen would have been a social death, […] Read more…

Pizza Hut’s 3-Cheese, Bacon and Spinach Yumminess

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If there’s one food you can eat everyday, what would it be? Mine would be pizza. PIZZAAAAAAAAAAAA. In fact, I think I’ve found that one pizza I’d want to eat everyday. Pizza Hut’s 3-Cheese, Bacon and Spinach Pizza. Thin crust? Check. Cheese? Check (parmesan), check (cheddar), check (mozzarella). Bacon? Just enough! Check. Spinach? Just enough! […] Read more…

Kalayaan Ko: Hipon!

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Hipon na niluto sa bawang at mantikilya… naku! Iniisip mo palang, parang nakakataas na ng presyon ‘no! Kaya naman bihira lang dapat ang pagkain nito. Mataas na kolesterol at sakit sa batok ang sasalubong sa iyo! Ngunit pwede namang bumigay sa kapricho paminsan-minsan, lalo na kapag may selebrasyon. Sana lang hindi araw-araw ang mga pagdiriwang […] Read more…

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