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Green mango sorbet: A must for balikbayans

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Sebastian’s green mango sorbet and bagoong. I’ve written about it before and have tried it several times since then. When relatives from the US came over to visit recently, my family and I just HAD to make them try this! My cousins took a little spoonful of it, but I ended up with most of […] Read more…

The gelato that stopped time

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Friggin’ good gelato. Did a semi-When Harry Met Sally scene. (You know what I’m talking about.) It couldn’t be helped! The experience is beyond words. Imagine this: taking a little spoonful of the gelato, bringing it to your mouth, then experiencing an explosion of icy mango creaminess. You could feel little mango crystals melting on […] Read more…

Peanut Butter Ice Cream

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I made my very first ice cream! I went to a cooking seminar today, sponsored by Work. Yipee! One of our many assigned recipes was Peanut Butter Ice Cream. I’m sharing it with you: Ingredients: Eggs, whole, 2 pieces Sugar, 150 grams Peanut butter, chunky, 150 grams < — We were out of chunky though, […] Read more…