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Choco Yema Cupcake from SLICE

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There are a lot of cupcake shops out there, but I’m discovering that I’m slowly liking cupcakes in one place more than others. Heehee. SLICE is a restaurant that serves full meals and yummy desserts, but so far what I’ve tasted are the cupcakes and the coffee. I’ll definitely eat more there another time, but […] Read more…

Some like it chocolatey hot

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You say “siling labuyo”, I say “grandfather”. Siling labuyo is a red hot chili pepper that’s tiny in size but packs a mean-sized punch. My late grandpa could eat a whole siling labuyo without batting an eyelash. He was a true blue Bicolano and had a passion for good food, especially spicy ones! I wonder […] Read more…

Green mango sorbet: A must for balikbayans

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Sebastian’s green mango sorbet and bagoong. I’ve written about it before and have tried it several times since then. When relatives from the US came over to visit recently, my family and I just HAD to make them try this! My cousins took a little spoonful of it, but I ended up with most of […] Read more…