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Marriage Quote on Your Journey Together

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{Via Pinterest}This inspiring marriage quote touches my heart. Sometimes my husband and I can’t help but compare ourselves with other married couples. “How come they’re able to afford that?” “How do they stay patient with each other all these years?” “Where do they find the time to do stuff together?” So on and so forth. […] Read more…

What’s Your Love Language?

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{The Five Love Languages} {Image via Pinterest} What is your partner’s love language? What is your love language? Since learning about this concept a few months ago, I’ve been trying to be more conscious about how I show my love to my husband. The Five Love Languages is a book by Gary Chapman. It shares […] Read more…

A Wife’s Prayer for Her Husband

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This wife’s prayer for her husband is beautiful and inspiring. Thank you, Unveiled Wife, for sharing this! How often do you pray for your husbands? Do you have any prayers that you’d like to share? Come leave it in the comments section! Read more…

My husband is my biggest supporter

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{My husband is my biggest supporter. He is my rock! The little boy’s my rock too.} “Susuportahan kita, Wifey.” “I support you, Wifey.” These simple words mean so much to me. My husband and I have been married for almost 11 years. We’ve helped each other through our individual journeys, and of course, our joint […] Read more…

Shopping with my husband

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{My new favorite pink top my husband chose for me.} Shopping with my husband is stress relief for me. I can always count on him to recommend what looks good on me, even if I don’t think it looks good on me in the store. I’m not very fond of clothes shopping. Grocery shopping I […] Read more…

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