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Random Thoughts on a Friday

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My cute niece Isabella. Adorable! I had an entry last month about missing hanging out with my girlfriends. I guess God heard me, because a couple of days after that entry, I got together with some close friends from college. In spite of our busy schedules, we managed to get together and do a really […] Read more…

Chop chop!

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Don’t use wooden cutting boards. Cutting into the wood opens up its pores. This is a trap for bacteria (salmonella, streptococculoccus ek ek ek…), especially if you use it to chop raw (worse, bloody) meat. The meat’s blood and raw pieces can seep into the wood and contaminate the other food you’ll be chopping. It […] Read more…


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Do you have a theme song, like Ally McBeal? The type of song you sing over and over in your head to make you feel better, to put a bounce in your step, to get you back on track? I don’t. I do have a mantra though, and it’s worked for me. Warrior’s stance, shield […] Read more…

My little blue friend

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I keep a little notebook with me everywhere I go. I take it out everytime I read a magazine or a book. I don’t like using highlighter or writing on the pages of my books, so whenever a passage strikes me, I write it down in my little notebook. It’s a good source of inspiration […] Read more…

The Money Box

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I can’t help it. After a day of work, I always, ALWAYS have spare change in my pocket. I have a coin purse in my bag but still loose change finds it way to my jeans pocket. I think if I do the Dance of Joy (remember Perfect Strangers?), a certain jingling and chiming would […] Read more…

Bloody finger

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I hope you don’t ever have a reason to do this, but in case you do, here’s a pretty helpful first aid tip in temporarily treating a bloody cut: Use a sanitary napkin — wrap it around (or cover) that bloody wound. I wish I had remembered that tip. I read it once in a […] Read more…

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