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Unspoken – A Short Story

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He rarely smiled because he was too busy thinking, planning, working. When she introduced him to the rare Sunday breeze, popcorn fights and walking aimlessly, he began to smile more often. She had slowly shed off the tough shell he always donned, eased his mind from the clock’s ticking. He discovered a bounce in his step, and that his belly could really hurt from laughing. He wanted to keep her, his little cheerleader. He just wondered if he has done anything for her the way she has done for him. He wondered if her warmth emanated from her lips as well. He badly wanted to taste the sunshine on her mouth. Read more…

50 Book Recommendations

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Want book recommendations? Read on! 2013 was a good year for books! It was my resolution last year to read more, and I’m happy to share that the goal was reached. The goal was to read 50 books and I read 50 books. Hurrah!!! Doing the happy bookworm dance! This 2014 I’ll still have a […] Read more…

Raising a happy reader (Part 2)

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Giselle brought up an interesting point on raising happy readers. Her comment goes, “…while having books around is good, I think it is just as important for them to see their parents read (and enjoy reading).” Spot on, Giselle! While we did grow up in a home full of books, what was key in developing […] Read more…

Raising a happy reader

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Want to raise a happy reader? Place books in every room of your home. My sisters and I grew up in a home full of books. Books weren’t confined to bookshelves, though I’m sure my Mama would have preferred that to prevent clutter! There were books on bedside tables. On the coffee table. Crammed into […] Read more…

How I became an eBook convert

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My Mom loaned me one of her Kindles after she got one of the newer models. This Kindle has been with me since the beginning of the year and I’ve already read 5 books. That’s a milestone for me, having not read more than 5 last year. I was a bit resistant to eBooks in […] Read more…

What’s on your to-do list?

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Pat tagged me about my to-do list. My question is, do you have the time? 😀 I’ll keep it to five items so you don’t go zzz’ing on me. 1. Fix my files. It’s not as simple as you think. I’m starting a new job soon (more on that in another entry), so I have […] Read more…