Unspoken – A Short Story



He rarely smiled because he was too busy thinking, planning, working. When she introduced him to the rare Sunday breeze, popcorn fights and walking aimlessly, he began to smile more often. She had slowly shed off the tough shell he always donned, eased his mind from the clock’s ticking. He discovered a bounce in his step, and that his belly could really hurt from laughing. He wanted to keep her, his little cheerleader. He just wondered if he has done anything for her the way she has done for him. He wondered if her warmth emanated from her lips as well. He badly wanted to taste the sunshine on her mouth.


She rarely sat still because she was too busy dancing, catching the next wave, moving forward. When he introduced her to the calming call of a book’s words, the delicious science of oven delights and feeling the Sunday breeze caress your skin when unmoving, she began to sit still more often. He had slowly chipped away the impulsiveness she always gave into, eased her mind from the dizzying hurricane of catching up. She discovered a peace in her heart, and that her body could really feel just as alive while lying on the grass. She just wondered if she has done anything for him the way he has done for her. She wondered if his lips would be as tranquil as he made her feel. She badly wanted to taste the quiet on his mouth.

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