Sonomammogram: Not as scary as it seems

Sonomammogram. The word sounds so intimidating. What do we do with intimidating words? We either avoid using them or try to understand them more. I got acquainted with the word a few months ago when I took a sonomammogram.

I come from a family where breast cancer is becoming quite a common scare. In addition to genetics, a lot of environmental factors like stress add up to the probably higher chances of getting breast cancer.

Striking facts to face:

Breast cancer patients are getting younger.
- Mercola

Breast cancer is the leading killer of women ages 35 to 54 worldwide. More than a million women develop breast cancer without knowing it and almost 500,000 die from it every year.

1 out of 13 Filipino women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime.

The Philippines has the highest incidence rate of breast cancer in Asia.
- Philippine Breast Cancer Network

This is a reality I have acknowledged. The next step was to do something about it.

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Memory Crafters: Unboxing Memories

Memory Crafters: Canvas Beach Bag

Memory Crafters was one of my Holy Week break highlights. I was one of their contest winners last month and got sent this beautiful box of crafting projects. As soon as the break began, I opened the box and got straight to crafting! Woohoo! It’s been a long time since I did any crafting, so the Memory Crafters prize was a good way to rekindle my love for arts and crafts.

Memory Crafters

Memory Crafters

Memory Crafters: Unboxing

Memory Crafters is a box subscription service where a box of crafting projects is sent to you every month that you can enjoy or give as a gift. My box had a summer theme. In it were three crafting projects: a summer bag, sunglasses pouch and a lei.

Memory Crafters: Unboxing

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Blissmakers Tea Time at La Creperie, New Manila

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