Blissmakers Tea Time at La Creperie, New Manila

My Fave Spot in La Creperie
{Blissmakers Tea Time: My favorite corner that afternoon}

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Blissmakers of Make It Blissful came together a few weekends ago at La Creperie, New Manila. It was such a wonderful afternoon meeting all these fun and sincere women! I’ve already met some of them in person (Martine, Ginger, Tina), so it was a pleasure getting to meet other blissmakers for the first time. We were together for a meet-up and a pictorial, and it was super fun!

La Creperie Menu

La Creperie New Manila’s second floor was the ideal place for us to get together. It was light, airy, private — a perfect venue for women to chat, giggle and have yummy crepes and tea (hot chocolate too!).

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Real Coffee Review

My Real Coffee Meal (Boracay)
{My Real Coffee Lunch Experience}

“Real Coffee! You’ve got to try their Calamansi muffins!” my sister said. When she heard I was going to Boracay, Real Coffee was on her must-eat recommendations.

Real Coffee is in Station 2, a very short walk from Le Soleil and d’mall. Calamansi muffins have to be ordered a day before pickup. A box of 6 was P320.

The next day, I went to pick up the orders and was instructed to go to the restaurant’s 2nd floor. When I went up the stairs, I was smitten by the eating area overlooking the ocean. Beautiful! I decided to have lunch there first.

The very helpful waitress recommended Marty’s Omelet, a two-egg omelet with cheese, onions, tomatoes, chicken, pesto served with toast. It was very delicious! It was clear right away why this was the house special.

I ordered a single Calamansi muffin and it was served with mango jam. Paired with a mug of hot green tea, it was an absolutely perfect way to end my meal. The Calamansi muffin was dense, tangy and addicting. I was glad I had ordered two boxes!

The Real Coffee staff was very warm and jolly, which added to the overall wonderful experience.

My Real Coffee Lunch View
{My Real Coffee Lunch View. I could get used to this!}

My Real Coffee experience was highly memorable. I’ll definitely come back for more calamansi muffins, Marty’s omelet, their special coffee and of course, the sitting area overlooking the beautiful shores of Boracay.

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Lunch at Cafe Breton

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