Still here

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Busy quiet time

Just a post to say that I’m still here. When there’s a long pause in blogging, it’s usually because of a blogging burnout or having no time to blog. It’s been a combination of both for me. It’s a good thing, really, but I do miss writing for the love of it.  Read more…

Fill your home with love #WeAreHomeMade

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I’ve been told I don’t love my son enough because I work full-time. I’ve dealt with “Ano ba yan?!” kind of stares from strangers at restaurants when my then-toddler shouted at our table. I saw folks stare at my 6-year-old’s stained khaki pants during graduation. Even I was surprised — those black stains sure weren’t […] Read more…

Alone Time Finally

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alone time

That’s just part of what being a Mom is like, right? Juggling everything, dropping a few balls but realizing it’s okay, you can pick them up anyway and start juggling again. Then you get into the groove of it until finally you’re dancing to the rhythm of busy-ness and before you know it, you’ve decluttered the play area, fed your husband and son dinner, sang a lullaby to your son till he drifted off to dreamland AND got a long shower somewhere in there, which makes you feel a little more human but very much a winner. Oh yeah. I love days like this. Read more…

January Stories

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It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. It’s mostly been because I’ve been incredibly busy at work, and partly because I ran out of blogging steam for a little while. I’ve got a whole bunch of topics I want to blog about (with these topics written down in my planner, believe me), but right now, I just want to write about random stuff about my January. Maybe somewhere in my stories you’ll find a nugget or two that connects with you. If there is one, let me know what it is! Read more…

Love language in couples: What if it’s not the same?

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Love language

Love language: What do you do when your love language isn’t the same?

Each of us has our own way of expressing and receiving love. I’m beginning to see that in some of our arguments as husband and wife, it’s mostly rooted in not understanding each other’s love language. One of the ways I have learned to better understand my husband is realizing that our love language is not the same.
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