Easter Reflections: Three things for new beginnings

Easter reflections came to me on Easter Monday. The Holy Week break was superbly family-oriented, which meant time away from blogging, time away from work. There was also time for reflection, but most of the things I reflected on from Holy Thursday up till Easter Sunday were questions, questions and more questions. Ironically enough, it was when I sat back at my office desk this morning that the answers to my Holy Week questions started pouring in.

Happy Easter Reflections
Sunset at Boracay. Great for pictures and pondering.

People look to the sunrise as a sign of a new beginning. I find new beginnings in sunsets. It’s that time of the day when I understand the things that went right and wrong during the day, acknowledge what I should be grateful for, and so move on during the evening to do what’s right, what’s good, what’s blissful.

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Blissmakers Tea Time at La Creperie, New Manila

My Fave Spot in La Creperie
{Blissmakers Tea Time: My favorite corner that afternoon}

Make it Blissful, formerly known as Dainty Mom, is the blog of Martine. She recently rebranded it to expand the range of inspiration. From a personal blog on motherhood, it now is an online community for inspired, meaningful living.


Blissmakers of Make It Blissful came together a few weekends ago at La Creperie, New Manila. It was such a wonderful afternoon meeting all these fun and sincere women! I’ve already met some of them in person (Martine, Ginger, Tina), so it was a pleasure getting to meet other blissmakers for the first time. We were together for a meet-up and a pictorial, and it was super fun!

La Creperie Menu

La Creperie New Manila’s second floor was the ideal place for us to get together. It was light, airy, private — a perfect venue for women to chat, giggle and have yummy crepes and tea (hot chocolate too!).

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Real Coffee Review

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Shopping with my husband

{My new favorite pink top my husband chose for me.} Shopping with my husband is stress relief for me. I can always count on him to recommend what looks good on me, even if I don't think it looks good on me in the store. I'm not very fond of … [Continue reading]

K5 Learning Review Heads up!

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