Cujo 15 of 52: PSP after Puppy


PSP before Puppy

After an afternoon of playing, my tired niece turned to her PSP for entertainment, and Cujo retreated to one of his favorite spots to rest.

This Cujo pic a week is my little tribute to this fuzzy wuzzy family friend. 52 weeks in a year brings you 52 Cujo pics! Here are the past Cujo snaps:
Christmas Cujo Cujo wears a raincoat Cujo in the Sun Cujo the Stuffed Toy Cujo at Lila shihtzu happens Happy Cujo All play and no work makes a tired but happy doggie Sleeping Cujo Cujo at Kopiroti Cold Cujo Spot Cujo I'm ready for my close-up. Don't lick my camera Cujo!

1 Comment on Cujo 15 of 52: PSP after Puppy

  1. Meeya
    April 9, 2009 at 10:41 pm (12 years ago)

    aww i miss my puppies (na hindi na siguro puppies ngayon). *sigh*

    Awww :)


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