Celebrating the married life


As part of our 7th wedding anniversary, and in a way, this blog’s 7th anniversary as well, I’ve invited some of my friends to write about their own wifely steps. This is the sixth in a series of guest posts. Let’s check out Candice’s wifely steps.

We don’t celebrate our anniversaries. We’ve been married for almost five years and we always, ALWAYS forget to celebrate. As much as we love the day that we met and the day we hooked up, we forget to celebrate those either.

Once in a while, I egg my husband to take me out on an anniversary treat. Or tell him what I’d like as a special gift. But soon after, I forget about it even quicker than he does. What an odd couple we make, it seems.

It has nothing to do with a lack of romance or idealism. It is nothing about shunning traditions or rituals.

I guess we do things a little differently. To begin with, we’re not very good with structure or parameters. Our sleeping hours are a good example. He sleeps well into the morning when I’m already up and about tending to our son.

There’s no rush to be together as dawn breaks, I suppose. Once awake, we spend most of the day together – we lunch, we work, we play with our child. We think about dinner and decompressing at the end of the day.

Because we both work from home, we indulge in all the extras: hugs and cuddles, chatting during the day, sharing stories.

If anything, we make plans to get away from each other. Every week, he goes off to see his friends, play guitar and go home in the wee hours of the morning exhilarated and excited to recount his latest musical feats. I make it a point to see my friends, have my frozen margaritas, or even just spend hours at a nail salon, alone and quiet.

In many ways, our busy days take a lot from us. Admittedly, cabin fever can set in and there is great effort to temper the irritability that’s simmering and threatening to explode. But then, the busy days also give us other reasons to celebrate. Anything can be a milestone, a triumph, something to commemorate: the end of a project, the beginning of summer, a return from a trip, a successful home project, the season finale of a favorite TV series, an early and fuss-free bedtime for our son.

And any chance can be a time for presents and treats. Building our lives together, as partners and spouses, we feel very proud of what we have achieved thus far and make sure we get our rewards. So maybe tonight, I get my favorite frozen yogurt, tomorrow’s surprise is more songs for Beatles Rockband, and next week – a swim at the pool.

Not to say that I wouldn’t be extremely happy to find some lovely tray of breakfast when I wake up on a special anniversary day or receive a well-prepared itinerary for an out-of-town romantic destination. Nor am I discounting the possibility that one day, the concept of chocolate and flowers will materialize to commemorate our love for each other. Then again, it’s probably because my husband knows better – I’d get my chocolate fix anytime anyway and I’d probably forget to put the flowers in water. Instead, I get the chance to hear the words “Go get yourself a pretty dress” and feel myself blush with pleasure. And that, I tell you, is something I’m glad isn’t just limited to special anniversaries.

Stay-at-home, working mom Candice Lopez-Quimpo is the editor of a parenting website, works on videos with her husband and opines a lot on Twitter. When she remembers to, she blogs about life with her son Matthew and dreams out loud on Tumblr.

5 Comments on Celebrating the married life

  1. Kay
    May 30, 2010 at 10:19 am (14 years ago)

    Nakakainspire kayo pero I know that those things are never gonna happen to me na …
    .-= Kay´s last blog ..BURP! =-.

  2. Candy
    May 31, 2010 at 9:47 pm (14 years ago)

    lovely little write up – i don’t know how you two can work from home together – when my own husband is at home, i have to go out and find a cafe to do my work! but same as you, hubby and i forget our anniversary on a yearly basis – and it’s been 22 years! we are at a stage in our marriage no longer driven not by good intentions but by a constant surprise that we continue to enjoy each other after all these years. i wish the same to all who read this lovely article.
    .-= Candy´s last blog ..Book signing: say it isn’t so! =-.

  3. shella
    July 22, 2010 at 8:39 am (14 years ago)

    I have been married for almost six years now, with two cute babies, a 5 years old girl and a 3 years old boy. Me and my husband for the past few years never had a date on our anniversary. It’s because my husband doesn’t believe in traditions or whatever you call it. Sometimes i get so disappointed that I don’t get any present from him during our special day. We have opposite characteristics, i am a very sweet person, he is not. I am a thoughtful person and he is not either. But you know what, despite all those things, one thing is for sure, we love each other so much and nothing and no one can destroy that! Godbless!

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