The unquestioned life could be worth living!


I subscribe to Globe’s HerInspiration, and they send out daily doses of inspiration like this one. I loved this particular message. I forwarded this quote to about all my friends last night:

“There are times we have so many questions and seem to have no answers. The answers will soon come. Enjoy life’s little surprises.”

I don’t think I’m the most spontaneous person in this world. I’m probably about 80% a planner, and 20% a spontaneous gal. Yep, I’m into schedules and routines and planning things out. I’ve started loosening up since H and I got together — thank goodness! So many questions have been filling my head lately. When will we have children? Will I ever get a raise? Where will I be by the time I’m 30? What should I have accomplished by then? When is the best time to buy that kitchen shelf? How much will termite control cost? What time should I leave the house tomorrow morning?

When I got that text message, it hit home. Yup. I can’t be in control all the time. I should let go of all the questions in my head, even for just a moment. It’s difficult, but it has to be done.

As H would say, “Wifey, relaaaaax.”

*reluctantly lets go of her pen and To-Do list…..*

(Okay, Husby! I’ll try my best!)

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