These little things


Gifts don’t have to be grand. Gifts don’t have to come only on an occasion. I find that gifts are best liked if they’re unexpected too.

H came home last night with a grocery bag saying, “I have a surprise for you!” He whipped out 3 packs of Lucky Me Supreme (Sotanghon Soup). He said, “Sometimes you tell me that you’re hungry but there’s nothing to eat here, and I know you like these…” (Like these? I love these!) And then he told me he had another surprise. He took out 3 Selecta ChocoPeanut Ice Cream Bars. My favorite! I was jumping up and down. And finally, because he knew I craved for chocolate every now and then, he bought me a bar of Toblerone. Mmm.

It was really sweet. The funny thing was, I had a surprise for him too. I surprised him with a big dinner from Aristocrat. (Delivery is my best friend!) We had a feast with the Chicken Barbeque, Atsara, BBQ sauce, Java Rice, Crab and Corn soup, Sotanghon Soup, and pancit canton. We indulged ourselves by washing down the yummy dinner with ice cold Coca-Cola. I had my ChocoPeanut dessert.

And then we watched our favorite silly show, Blind Date. After that, I snoozed beside him on the couch wrapped like a lumpia in my rainbow-colored sarong (it was cold!) while he watched a Titanic documentary.

That’s how we usually spend our weeknights. Our little “lambingans.” And the little surprises come often, too. These little things make me feel ten-feet-tall. :)

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