More cracking up!


Those who know me know that I’m very fond of personality tests. I’m about to give you one but I won’t include the interpretations yet. I’ll collect your answers first and then give you the interpretation in a couple of days.

Imagine you’re about to sky-dive. You’re in the plane, 20,000 feet up in the air! Your companions jump off the plane one by one. And now, it’s YOUR turn! What thoughts are going on in your head as you prepare to jump off?

And so you jump off the plane! What do you do? Do you scream? If so, what do you scream?

Finally, you’ve landed safely on the ground. You’re getting your parachute together when you see your instructor running towards you and shouting something. What is he saying?

Please leave your answers on the comment page.

P.S. The lesson for the day: Don’t go through the day without sharing laughter with your partner. :)

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