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Thanks for the Adobo tips everyone! I was going through your comments before my lunch break and I got soooo hungry reading them! I ordered Adobo from the food court for my lunch meal, haha!

Okay, here’s another question. I’m getting my Annual Physical Exam next week. That’s composed of the usual stuff: vitals, CBC, urinalysis, stool analysis and chest X-ray. I want to throw in other tests as well so I make just one trip to the clinic, even if the bill’s gonna be on me. I was thinking of getting my cholesterol and blood sugar checked. Pap smear, too.

What other tests should I consider taking? By the way, I’m 27. Mammograms are for 40+ women right?

My exam’s on Monday (I think) so I’ll check my blog by Sunday night. :) Here’s to our good health!

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  1. rolly
    April 15, 2005 at 8:12 pm (19 years ago)

    trhis is Doc Emer’s alley but why don’t you add an ECG? Doesn’t have any discomfort naman.

    Anyway, you’re young and you seem to be taking care of yourself, so no worries pa.


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