Mashed Banana Pancakes


Mashed banana pancakes? You betcha! They were so quick and easy to make, plus they were yummy. I was scrolling through Instagram when I came upon this post by Kale Me Maybe:

Don’t those pancakes look scrumptious? I didn’t have any berries at home, but I did have all the ingredients to put together the mashed banana pancakes. So here’s how I did mine!

I followed Kale Me Maybe’s recipe, except I used 3 mashed bananas.

The pancakes were difficult to flip, or maybe that was just me. I’m no expert flipper! So my pancakes looked kinda messy, not being perfect circles the way regular pancakes look. I served them anyway, and my Mom loved them! She loved them so much she asked me to make the mashed banana pancakes again the following day.

The bananas are already sweet. While I tried the mashed banana pancakes with maple syrup, I didn’t think it was necessary.

The next day, we cooked mashed banana pancakes again but this time, we added more ingredients — crushed walnuts and chopped Snickers. Yes, you read that right — Snickers. It was yummy! Great for chocoholics. Choco-Banana-Walnut Pancakes for the win!

This is a great snack to make for breakfast or for when you’re craving something sweet. The original mashed banana pancake recipe (read: no Snickers) is pretty healthy! Go try it! :)

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