Keep Moving Forward: Lessons in life choices

“Keep moving forward.” That’s a line from “Meet the Robinsons”, one of my son’s favorite films. Whatever life puts in your path, keep moving forward. Whatever humps are in the way, keep moving forward.

Keep moving forward. No looking back.
No U-turns allowed.
(Source: Mary Englebrite art via Tumblr)

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  1. I do have my own WHAT IFs in life. What if I chose to be a working mom, after I had my 2 older girls? Will my 2 older girls will be as good as they are right now in school? And a lot more, but as what you posted her, LIFE GOES ON, MOVE FORWARD. I guess each of us, whatever choice we have made, will never know that other part. But then again, I AM HAPPY THAT I CHOSE TO BE A STAY AT HOME MOM, I have every milestones of each of my daughters.This is one decision in my life that I know I made the right path to take… I so love this one… thank you…

    • Thanks for sharing! I wonder about being a work-at-home Mom. What if I hadn’t left the WAHM life? Would my son be healthier since I’m home more? Would I help him grow better? Those thoughts really cross my mind, especially on particularly bad days at the office. There’s a reason for all this though, why I’m working away from home. I do know what it is but sometimes missing the WAHM life can’t be helped. :D Thank you again for sharing! :)

  2. I love this post, Toni! I get those what if moments too, every now and then. Will we ever stop wondering about those what ifs? I fear not. I’m starting to believe that those thoughts will never stop crossing my mind. But like you, at the end of the day, I just have to know that everything God allowed to happen in my life brought me where I am now. And that’s the more important thing. Love this post! F na F ko. :)


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