Jack Frost Ice Cream: Flavors To Watch Out For


Jack Frost Ice Cream is one of my favorite treats. Its ice cream flavors are nothing typical. I tried their Basil Ice Cream last year and got hooked. Last weekend, I was so happy to be invited to a Jack Frost Ice Cream taste test! I got to try out upcoming flavors and let me tell you, they were pretty awesome!

Jack Frost Ice Cream: Caramel with toffee candy
Caramel with Toffee Candy Ice Cream

Care for some Butterbeer? This was my favorite of all the Jack Frost Ice Cream flavors tested. It’s caramel ice cream with bits of toffee candy. It’s sweet but not cloyingly so. Watch out for this! You know what would be good with this? Some potato chips on the side. If you’re going to indulge, indulge all the way! (Butterbeer’s just a name study by the way.)

Jack Frost Ice Cream: Raspberry Amaretto
Raspberry Amaretto

Another upcoming flavor is Raspberry Amaretto. This was my 2nd favorite! We suggested upping the raspberry flavor on this one, but the texture was perfect. It was creamy but had that grainy texture unique to raspberries. Loved it!

Want something refreshing? Mango Kiwi is a Jack Frost ice cream that’s sure to make you feel all sorts of cool. It would be awesome if this came out this summer.

Another flavor in the works is Cherries Jubilee. Brandy in your ice cream? Why not! Jack Frost ice cream pushes the limits after all.

Jack Frost Ice Cream: Miso with Green Apple
Like your ice cream a little tart? This one’s for you!

Now here’s a flavor that’s sure to catch you by surprise. Miso with Green Apple. It’s not a combination I’d ever think would go together, but weirdly enough, it works. It’s definitely for the adventurous. What I enjoyed about MiSoGood were the little bits of green apple – sort of like a green apple mash but in an ice cream.

Jack Frost Ice Cream: Miso Good (Miso with Green Apple)

Jack Frost Ice Cream Flavors You Can Enjoy Today

While that afternoon was for taste testing upcoming flavors, I also got to sample existing ones. I had two favorites: Rosemary and Blueberry.

Rosemary is the herb I most dislike. It has a very pungent taste that tends to dominate bread or meat – at least that’s how my taste buds describe it. I was prepared to feel the same way towards this ice cream but it surprised me! The rosemary was subtle but I still knew I was eating rosemary ice cream.

My second favorite was Blueberry. The berry flavor really popped in my mouth. It’s been awhile since I’ve had blueberry ice cream. This is the Jack Frost ice cream flavor I’ll look for next time we go out.

Check out other Jack Frost ice cream flavors over at their Facebook page. Here’s the link to their menu → Jack Frost Ice Cream MENU!

How do you order Jack Frost Ice Cream? There are pick-up points and restaurants. Here’s a list!

    Pick-up points:

  • Valencia Hills: 0917-8301110: Look for Lisa
  • #38 M.A. Reyes St., San Juan: # 6646619.
  • #47-C Dapitan St., QC : 0906-2303420 : Look for Elaine.

  • Yen Yen Taiwan Street Food along P. Guevarra
  • Lunchbox in Ronac Art Center
  • Ortigas Kong Fook on Ortigas Ave.
  • Bawai’s Restaurant on White Plains

Thanks to Mr. Bonner Dytoc of Jack Frost for inviting us to this very interesting taste test! We’re looking forward to seeing (and tasting!) more of your awesome creations.

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