The Honest Crop: Healthy, yummy snacking


Healthy snacking that’s also delicious snacking can be a little hard. That’s why it’s great that local companies like The Honest Crop make healthy snacking accessible and enjoyable! I got my first taste of chips from The Honest Crop after our Make It Blissful event last month. The bag was consumed by my family quickly. It’s no-guilt snacking, that’s why!

The Honest Crop

The Honest Crop offers a range of healthy, delicious chips to snack on!

Healthy Snacking with The Honest Crop

The Honest Crop has a wide selection of chips that come in different flavors. They have Sweet Potato chips, Taro, Cassava, Banana, even Veggie Chips! You can even order a mix of these chips (Sweet Potato and Taro, Taro and Cassava, etc.) To make them tastier, they come in different flavors — Sour Cream, Sea Salt, Cheese, BBQ, Honey, depending on what chips you choose.

I got Taro and Cassava Chips in Sour Cream. It was delicious!


The Honest Crop

Want a chip?


I loved how crisp the chips were. They were delicious! We also had a bottle of Cheez Whiz open at home so I went ahead and dipped some of these chips in my Cheez Whiz. Yummeh.

But seriously, you can eat this on its own. It’s flavorful already!


The Honest Crop

Mine, mine, mine. Okay, I can share.


Another reason I am loving The Honest Crop is because they source and produce their products locally, so they’re affordable and fresh. Let’s support local businesses who are here to give us healthier options!

Check out their Facebook page to learn more. Here’s a link to The Honest Crop’s menu.

Here’s to happy, healthy snacking! :) Thanks for this yummy treat, The Honest Crop!

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