Crocodile in my bag from Artwine


What’s a cute fuzzy reptile doing in my bag?

Crocodile in my bag

It’s a super cute felt pouch! I saw this on my and fell in love with it!

Loving my Croc Pouch from Artwine

Crocodiles have a special place in my heart. My Dad has a fondness for them. Growing up, he’d tell us stories with crocodiles as the main characters. He tells my son similar stories, and now my son has a soft spot for crocs too. When I showed him my pouch, his eyes lit up. He reached for it, played with it a bit then gave it back to me.

Stuff in my croc

The long pouch is made from felt. It measures 10″ x 4.75″. I use it to store my knick-knacks, from make-up to medicine. Sometimes I use it for my phone and tiny notebook when I’m at work, but it mostly serves as a toiletries kit.

I got my pouch from Artwine. Ordered it via Delivery was in 2 days and online payment was pretty easy. Let’s support small businesses!

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