How To Clean Sweep: Delivery Menus Folder

Doing a clean sweep is a simple and efficient way to organize your things. A clean sweep means cleaning out a whole area such as a bookshelf or a refrigerator, and putting back only the things that are necessary.

I’ve experienced that a clean sweep is better than taking out a few things at a time. Better to see the empty space for what it is! It encourages me to really limit what I return. I’ve done this clean sweep for my dresser, my son’s closet and his toy shelves. All the pre-loved stuff that didn’t get returned will be donated.

A clean sweep applies not only to rooms or shelves, but to documents. It was time do a clean sweep with our family’s delivery menus folder because it’s a big mess!

Clean Sweep: Decluttering Project
Woohoo! Scroll down to see the finished project.

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  1. Wow!! 5 to 12 copies!! hehehe.. planning to that this weekend! Good luck to me.. hehe..

  2. Your mom’s question made me smile. Haha. =>

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