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All I can do is love him more today

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All I can do is love him more today

I wrote this 4 years ago, when I gave out the writing prompt: “Write about the fear of losing a loved one.” This is what came out. A piece for my husband. While it was written many years ago, what it contains still holds true. We don’t like talking about death, my husband and I. It scares us both. But in re-reading this piece I am reminded of something more powerful than fear — love.  Read more…

The Good Wife’s Guide

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The Good Wife's Guide

If I had my way, I’d totally want to have the home spick and span for my husband when he’d come home from work, complete with a hot meal and all. I’d even fix him his favorite drink — a welcome home smoothie perhaps. But as for the other points, not so much. I’m thankful that I live in a time that’s more open and empowering for women, and at the same time, one that doesn’t frown upon men being more domesticated too! Read more…

Taking Turns in Marriage

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Taking Turns

In our 11 years of marriage, I’ve been noticing a “taking turns” pattern for me and my husband. It was disorienting in the early years, but over time we’ve seen how it’s been strengthening our marriage. Taking turns is integral to nurturing your marriage and growing as individuals. Here’s a peek into our story. Read more…

Surprise your wife

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Surprise your wife

These are the moments that build a marriage — loving acts of service that fill the ‘love meter’ in a relationship. It helps when it comes in the form of a pleasant surprise too! It makes the love more palpable. Have faith! Believe in love! Read more…

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