The One-Year Wedding Proposal


Wedding proposals — there are a lot of those on Youtube, but this one is my favorite so far. It did the rounds a few months ago, but I still enjoy watching it. Here’s what it’s about in a nutshell: The boyfriend, Dean, made the decision that he wanted to make his girlfriend, Jennifer, his wife. To show her how much he loved her, he took a few minutes (I’m guessing) a day everyday for 365 days to ask her to marry him. This was done in secret, and she only learned about it on the 365th day. (Cue: Awwwwww.)

Watch this awesome wedding proposal. But before that, grab some tissues. You’re gonna tear up.

“Marry me. Today and everyday.” – Marry Me, Train

The video’s title is right. It is by far the best marriage proposal this year that I’ve seen. *sniffs* He proposes to her 365 days in a row. Oh, my heart!

What I love about this is how the groom-to-be celebrates his love for his wife-to-be everyday by proposing to her. While gardening, taking a shower, working out, cooking breakfast, working, driving. Gah, this is so sweet. I’m wishing these two a beautiful marriage!

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