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A New Look for Wifely Steps

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Beach Home

2014 was a year of transition for me as I tapped into a part of my life that was significantly more nurturing, loving and peaceful. I knew I wanted the gentle changes to reflect in my online home — my blog. So welcome to my newly designed, newly decorated home! Feel free to walk barefoot. Grab a knitted throw from the living room. Let’s sit on the wooden steps of this new home (or on the porch hammock) as we sip on our cups of tea.  Read more…

Nicole and Jimmy: What’s YOUR Almost-Love Story?

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Nicole and Jimmy = Ah, what could have been! Jimmy Fallon’s interview with Nicole Kidman has garnered over 15 million views on Youtube. It’s one of the most amusing talk show interviews I’ve ever seen. In a nutshell, Jimmy Fallon learns that he blew a chance to date Nicole Kidman years ago. He thought they were meeting to talk about a movie role. Nicole Kidman shared he didn’t seem to be giving off signals that he was interested and even put on a video game when she came over to his apartment. And well, watch the video! It’s a fun 9 minutes. Watch it till the end.  Read more…

On a Blissmakerie high!

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#Blissmakerie2014 was a private holiday gathering last weekend, thrown by the ever so loving and blissful Martine de Luna of Make It Blissful. It was a cozy afternoon of delicious eats, surprise blissful treats and connecting with old and new friends! This Thanksgiving/Advance Christmas get-together for Martine’s Make It Blissful community was truly wonderful. It had Martine’s branding all over it. You didn’t only see her personality on the beautifully styled interiors, you could also feel her branding — classy, generous and loving. Let me tell you about the highlights of that Blissmakerie afternoon! Read more…

Look It’s About Me – Personalized books for little readers

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“Look It’s About Me!” There’s a really good way to encourage reading among young kids — make the stories more personal. When I was young, my Dad enjoyed telling me and my sisters really colorful bedtime stories. “Once upon a time, there were three butterflies…” The stories were always fun, but what made them even […] Read more…

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