Bond with the kids at Fun Ranch! (A Valley Farm Luncheon Meat Giveaway)


Bonding with my baby Timmy’s growing up so fast. He’s one year old in this picture and he’s turning three years old in a week. The toddler years are flying by so fast! It’s crazy. I’m finding myself trying to hold on to as many moments as possible – him holding his arms out to be carried even if he’s more than half my size now, him not wanting to let go of me when he’s fast asleep (delaying my need to burn the midnight oil but hey, baby first!), him looking at me with that loving look as if I’m his one true love  (true… FOR NOW!). Every opportunity to bond with him I try to make it matter. Whether it’s just bumming around at home or strolling in the mall, I’m holding on to these bonding moments I have with my growing tot.

One of the most fun places we’ve been to was the Fun Ranch in Ortigas! There were a lot of rides, play areas and colourful stimulation for curious babies. Now there’s another good reason to return! Valley Farm Luncheon Meat is holding a contest on Facebook. It’s pretty simple. Simply check out the Valley Farm Chunky Charap Facebook Page here: If you’d like to win one of 20 passes to Fun Ranch given away every week till August 31, upload a photo capturing you and your child/children having a bonding moment. I’m sure you’ll have many to choose from!

Go ahead and click here: Join the Valley Farm Chunky Charap Giveaway!

If you win, maybe we’ll see each other there. 😉



*This is a sponsored post. 

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