Twilight Talk: The stars answer your questions


The questions are:
“Kristen: Are you as big a klutz as Bella in real life?” (To Kirsten Stewart)

“What is your favorite brand of mac and cheese?” (To Nikki Reed and Kellan Lutz)

“What parts of yourself are you hoping to bring into your character onscreen?” (To Peter Facinelli)

“If you had a choice to play (gender aside) another character in the ‘Twilight’ books besides the one you’ve already been cast as, who would it be and why?” (To Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone)

“Will the Port Angeles scene be in the movie?” (To Greg Mooradian, producer)

“Michael, did you like the truckload of socks you got from fans across the world?” (To Michael Welch)

“For Catherine Hardwicke, Director of Gods: How does it feel being the Director of Gods?”

“Robert, do you like the fans’ nickname for you, RPattz?” (To Robert Pattinson)


Want to see a scene from the movie? Catch it on MTV this Sunday. Click on the MTV link for details. [MTV]


Want to see a fan-made trailer for New Moon? It’s in Spanish and there are no subtitles, but hey, if you’re a Twilighter there’s no such thing as a language barrier. 😉 Edward and Jacob are cuuuute!

1 Comment on Twilight Talk: The stars answer your questions

  1. VampireStalker27
    May 30, 2008 at 12:12 am (16 years ago)

    thank you!!!!! i can’t wait for this movie! i like mike and his…socks…

    I’m very excited about the film too!


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