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Twilight talk: The Wolf Pack and new set pics

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Brother Wolves The Twilight Lexicon team interviewed Solomon Trimble (who plays Sam Uley), Krys (Embry) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black). Embry’s a cutie! He’s funny! I loved the chemistry between all three. And did you get the take-charge vibe from Solomon? It’s sooo Sam. New Twilight Movie Set Pics Click to enlarge the above images. […] Read more…

Twilight: A greenhouse scene, the Cullen crest

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A greenhouse scene, a field trip, the Cullen crest — these three things were not present in the Twilight book series. They will make an appearance in the Twilight movie though! Check out MTV’s Twilight Tuesday report here: And here’s the greenhouse scene as it was shot: MTV Music Videos MTV Shows Entertainment News Want […] Read more…