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A Stronger YOU in 2015

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The last part of this year, I reflected on this question: What’s the more loving thing to do? It was my emotional compass the past months and has greatly helped me make better decisions. It proves that when you come from a place of love, good things do come.

So what’s my compass going to be in 2015? It is this: “Will it make me stronger?”
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The Beauty of Surrender

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This first appeared on Make It Blissful. Sharing it with the Wifely Steps community too. Control is present in our days more than we think. There’s the to-do list, a calendar of activities, even the clothes laid out the night before. Planning gives me a structure to my day which, truthfully, keeps me sane. That’s […] Read more…

The Rug Pull

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The Rug Pull: When you’re thrown off your feet unexpectedly because the rug was pulled out from under you forcibly, suddenly. This is often met with a thump of the butt on the floor with a “Holy crap, that hurt!” or you’re also knocked out of your senses, feeling like you hit your noggin as […] Read more…

To infinity and beyond

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The first week back at work was easier than I thought. There were no tears or jitters as I stepped away from my sleeping tot to get started on my first day back at corporate. There were no angsty moments in the middle of the workday. I thought I’d burst into the ladies’ room during […] Read more…

Be your best self today

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Today, be your best self. Best is not making sure your back is always straight, or that your hair is parted neatly. Best is not a shirt that’s wrinkle-free, or covering your mouth when you laugh in the middle of the crowd. Celebrate what makes you happy. It’s when your happiest that you’re at your […] Read more…

How to grow old

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What’s life like when you’re 90 years old? What will the world be like roughly 30 years from now, when I turn 90? Growing old freaks me out a little bit. Having to depend on others to walk you to the bathroom, having someone else cut up your food to eat, experiencing a weakening of […] Read more…


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It’s tough to jump back on the blog wagon. It’s not like I’ve been meaning to blog and just didn’t have the time. I just didn’t feel like writing. That’s a sign of a tired soul, a weary mind. It feels good to reconnect with the keyboard though and feel the clickety-clack of QWERTYs beneath […] Read more…

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