A Stronger YOU in 2015


It’s that time of the year when resolutions for the year to come are being written or, at the least, being thought about.

The last part of this year, I reflected on this question: What’s the more loving thing to do? It was my emotional compass the past months and has greatly helped me make better decisions. It proves that when you come from a place of love, good things do come.

So what’s my compass going to be in 2015? It is this: “Will it make me stronger?”

Credit: Image from http://pktfuel.com/

“Stronger” is relative. Sometimes to be stronger is to be quiet, not loud. Sometimes it is stronger to share your thoughts and not keep them. Sometimes it is stronger to choose to nurture yourself and enjoy 15 minutes more of snooze time. Sometimes it is stronger to jump out of bed and face the day.

“Stronger” varies. That’s why it’s tricky. That’s why it’s more convenient to resort to the easy way out. And that’s when you know what will make you stronger. What makes you stronger is that choice that moves you forward. It’s not about status quo. It’s not about regression. It’s about making a way to go forth.

To take better care of yourself.
To take better care of your family.
To love your family more.
To love yourself more.

“What will make me stronger?” works because it is grounded in love.

If you find your strength in embracing vulnerability, I wish you honesty and surrender.

If you find your strength in connecting with others, I wish you sincerity and compassion.

If you find your strength in progress, I wish you abundance and trust.

I wish you strength. I wish you love.

I wish you a stronger you in 2015.