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Sa May Bentilador

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Isa na yata ang bentilador sa pinakamahalagang kasama tuwing tag-init. Masyado mahal ang kuryenteng babayaran kapag panay ang gamit ng aircon, at masakit naman sa braso kapag panay pamaypay ka buong araw. Salamat at may nag-imbento ng bentilador! The electric fan is one of the most precious companions during the summer. Using the A/C can […] Read more…

Tagged: Sparkly Friends

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My curly friend J. Ana tagged me with this sparkly present. She baked these cupcakes herself. A double sweet present! To keep this meme going, I’m tagging 5 of my bloggers friends: The Empress Maruja.. Highly creative Gracey. Cooking whiz JMom. Perky Jeanny. Hot mama Meeya. And I am giving them this sparkly badge featuring […] Read more…

My ABC’s!

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A – Age: 26 B – Boyfriend: My hubby! We’re still mistaken as boyfriend and girlfriend. I think that’s a good thing! C – Chore you hate: Cleaning the bathroom. D – Dad’s name & occupation: Mar, businessman E – Essential everyday item(s): Cell phone, watch, wedding ring, hairbrush F – Favorite actor/actress: Tom Hanks, […] Read more…