Let’s start the week right!


“Let us not pray to be sheltered from dangers but to be fearless when facing them.” – Rabindranath Tagore

Isn’t that such a beautiful quote? It applies to the smallest challenge to the biggest obstacle one might face. And so this weekend, I tried living that quote out. I got my butt off the couch — a big Sunday achievement!

Cubao Tripping. Instead of the usual resting we do on a Sunday, H and I got off our butts and rode the MRT to Cubao. We visited Farmer’s Plaza. I was surprised that it has developed really well. A year ago, it was had a pretty chaotic layout and quite a rowdy crowd, but this time, it was surprisingly peaceful. We walked around, checking out the new stores and the families doing their Sunday malling.

4th floor, Bargain Books. National Bookstore, Cubao, has a huge floor full of bargain books. It was my first time there and I was overwhelmed by the number of books! (I was also overwhelmed by the smell of used books, but oh well.) I didn’t buy anything, but I did enjoy going through each aisle. I’ll go back there someday and hoard children’s books (I collect’ em).

Remember Fiesta Carnival? After that short trip to the mall, we found ourselves in a lot where a Ferris Wheel stood. A few steps forward and we saw a Caterpillar and a couple more rides. Where were we?! It took awhile before we understood it — we were standing in the middle of Fiesta Carnival. We were saddened by this move. I remember Fiesta Carnival being INSIDE a really big building with a super high ceiling and food carts all around. They were moved out recently, and are now settled in what was once a huge parking lot. It was quite sad. H and I went to the Shooting Range for some fun. The sun was blaring hot though, so we had to drop our guns and seek refuge in the nearest mall.

Beat the heat! We then trooped to the SM Food Court to get hotdogs and sodas. I really like A&W’s Coney Dog and Rootbeer Float. Mmmmm. So we just sat there, laughing about our Sunday adventure, sipping on our ice cold drinks and just let ourselves cool off.

We didn’t really plan on this field trip of sorts. It was very much spur of the moment. Being one who likes everything planned, I found it hard to say yes to what H proposed, but decided to go for it anyway. I remembered the quote and so I put on my rubber shoes and said, Okay! Let’s go!

Face your katamaran (laziness). Face your boring routines. Be fearless when doing so! Be open to having an adventure, even if it’s just as near as Cubao. Who knows? Today Cubao, tomorrow Barcelona!

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