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A hotdog sandwich, popcorn and a large-sized soda is the best movie food combo for me. I can hold my hotdog sandwich in my right hand, put the tumbler on my lap and eat popcorn with my left hand, and when I get thirsty, just reach for my drink with my left hand. Ah yes, I’ve mastered the art of eating in a moviehouse.

Yesterday, I saw Mean Girls with my fellow not-so-mean girls. It was a fun movie. Did Lindsay Lohan get a boob job? Or is it just puberty that made her get such big breasts (like what Britney says about hers)? It’s another one of those high school life, high school cliques stories. You know the drill: a new girl enters high school, she feels out of place, she finds friends who are as “weird” as she is, the hottest clique likes her, so she joins that clique, conflicts develop, she’s back all alone, etcetera etcetera. No matter how predictable it was, I had fun watching that movie.

After work, I wanted to see another chick flick because I was on a “girly film high.” And so my girl friend B and I decided to catch the grammatically incorrect “The Prince & Me.” It was a disaster. I was squirming in my seat halfway through the film. It was a wonder why we both didn’t walk out. Maybe because I wanted my money’s worth? And the Prince wasn’t even cute!

So if you’re on a chick flick rampage, catch Mean Girls, drop The Prince and Me. Aw shucks, we should’ve just seen an art film instead.

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