Fig Butter from Trader Joe’s

Have a fondness for figs? You’re going to love Fig Butter! Trader Joe’s version is so smooth and delicious.

Trader Joe’s Fig Butter. Great with cheese!

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  1. Yummy post! Got to get me some of that fig butter : )

  2. I immediately thought of two things to:
    1. eat the cheese and fig butter with crackers while drinking wine.
    2. spread the fig butter on scones while having tea

    • Ooooooh, really good recommendations!!!!

      (1) Cheese + FIg Butter + Crackers + WHITE wine = *droolz*
      (2) Scones! Walang ganon dito. Hahaha. Toasted pan de sal kaya? :D

  3. I love eating spoonfuls of this stuff!

  4. I ate a sandwich with prosciutto, fig jam and goat cheese. It was super yummy.

  5. Yummmmm! I SO NEED THIS. I’m going to order!!!

  6. I love fig! I remember eating Fig Newtons as my after-school snack with my Lola when I was a kid. :) I hope there are still stocks :D

    • FIG NEWTONS! Of course! I loved those too. They were my grandfather’s favorite. Thanks for bringing me down memory lane!


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