Classical music + Wild imagination = Kiddie stories!


I’m not a die-hard classical music fan, but I do like listening to it to relax. To help me appreciate classical music, I try imagining a story while the music plays. I make the stories up in my head! If the music’s all tinkly and light, I imagine bunnies hopping in the meadow. If it’s low and loud, I imagine sharks in the ocean circling a tugboat. Letting my imagination run wild was what I did at the Bocelli concert last Friday.

I thank Bocelli for making my Mom have a fantastic time. She was in tears while at the concert! She was even humming along to the songs. I was at the concert more for her, than for him. I was super happy that she enjoyed herself.

I thank Bocelli for sparking in me my old love of writing short stories. With all the songs he sang, stories unfolded in my head. My imagination ran wild — I thought of little girl’s tales, rainbows and butterflies… children’s stories! I had a bunch of children’s stories in my memory as we stepped out of the concert. I couldn’t wait to write them down!

The next day, I wrote two of the stories that popped in my head. I wanted to see how it would turn out so I read them both to my 9-year-old cousin, Maxine. She LOVED them! And I was so happy. I loved seeing her eyes widen and her smile grow bigger while I read the story out loud. And when the second story was done, she said, “Ang ganda!” (“It’s beautiful!”). That made my day!!!

I now want to buy all of Bocelli’s CDs. I can’t wait to just put them on the player and listen to them during the weekend, sit lazily on the couch and listen to his heavenly voice. Then I’ll just let my imagination wander. And more short stories will come out.

Another way to get the creative juices flowing! :)

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