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Ground and Center: What keeps you grounded?

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“Ground and center.” How do you cope when things begin to be overwhelming? What do you do when you feel your temper rising? How do you deal when you’re beginning to sense that stress is about to overtake you? You center yourself. You keep grounded. Keeping grounded means staying balanced and present at this very […] Read more…

The Beauty of Surrender

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This first appeared on Make It Blissful. Sharing it with the Wifely Steps community too. Control is present in our days more than we think. There’s the to-do list, a calendar of activities, even the clothes laid out the night before. Planning gives me a structure to my day which, truthfully, keeps me sane. That’s […] Read more…

Love leads the way (A Birthday Post)

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I turn 37 today. I have a pimple (my body thinks it’s 16). I haven’t reached many of my dreams yet (I can keep on enjoying the journey towards these dreams). I have several work meetings on my birthday (more opportunities to nurture greatness). I embrace my 37th year (wholeheartedly, compassionately, genuinely)! Love leads the […] Read more…

Powerful Programs to Live an Inspired, Excellent Life: FLEX and ALC

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OCCI Trilogy

Stepping out of your comfort zone doesn’t only mean doing things that are new to you. It also means going on an intense road of self-discovery. On this journey you’ll discover strengths you didn’t know you had, which then inspire you to become happier, more aware of yourself, and most importantly, most connected to yourself. There are many books that cover this topic. What I’ve been learning lately though is learning from other people, strangers even, can help you embrace life outside your comfort zone. Workshops have been helping me do that, particularly two programs from OCCI (Organizational Change Consultants International). Read more…

Easter Reflections: Three things for new beginnings

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Easter reflections came to me on Easter Monday. The Holy Week break was superbly family-oriented, which meant time away from blogging, time away from work. There was also time for reflection, but most of the things I reflected on from Holy Thursday up till Easter Sunday were questions, questions and more questions. Ironically enough, it […] Read more…

Embrace Your Faults

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There are things I hate about myself. On really bad days, I berate myself for these flaws. I angst over how my life could be so much better if I didn’t have any of those faults, any of those weaknesses. I dislike being weak. This is what I thought: Weakness is an admission that you […] Read more…

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