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The Tips Archive

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To make room for the right side of the page, I’m making an “archive” of sorts for my tips. Bring a book when you’re booked for a medical exam. You never know if the wait’s going to be long! Visit 43 Things. Have you got goals? Would you like to cheer others on? Worth the […] Read more…

Sweets for the Sweet

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You know those little baon-sized cans of fruit cocktail you can buy at the grocery? I keep around 3-4 of them in the ref all the time. They’re perfect emergency desserts. We had no dessert one night and we were craving for dolce (as my grandfather calls it), so I got two bowls and emptied […] Read more…

Does this make me a 50s wife?

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what decade does your personality live in? quiz brought to you by lady interference, ltd I’m so happy that my favorite cooking show has a website! Check out The Urban Peasant‘s website. I learned how to cook for fun from this show. (Lolo) James Barber is my cooking idol. Read more…

There’s no place like (your old) home!

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I’m terribly, terribly sick. I missed out on a wonderful dinner with friends and that doesn’t make me feel any better at all! *boohoo* I don’t know where I caught this flu bug, but I sure wanna squish it so badly. Problem is, I don’t have the energy to do that. Ooh my wifely tip. […] Read more…

Married with friends

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Being married is no excuse for you to not hang out with your single friends. But neither is it a reason for your single friends not to hang out with you anymore. Let me tell you a story. I had a very enlightening evening with valkyrie. She’s a very close friend of mine from college. […] Read more…

Bathroom Talk

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After each time I use the toilet, I pour a capful of Zonrox (the lemon-scented one works for me) in the bowl to make sure it’s super duper clean. Little things make a big difference! That way, when it’s bathroom-cleaning-time, it won’t be as difficult to clean. Ta-da! Read more…

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