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Diamond dreaming

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When I have a little free time on my hands, I love to go window shopping – online. One of my current indulgences? Jewelry. Ironically I don’t like wearing jewelry. I feel awkward wearing an expensive pair of earrings or a ring that’s worth more than my house. Eek! Nonetheless that doesn’t stop me from […] Read more…

Inspiration Sunday: Paulo Coelho

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“The Alchemist” is my all-time favorite Paulo Coelho book. It’s inspirational, motivating and calming. “Veronika Decides to Die” is my second favorite book of his. While the story is triggered by a dark incident in a woman’s life, its message ultimately is uplifting. The other books I’ve read by Paulo Coelho are also beautiful, but […] Read more…

Nenette’s Wifely Steps

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Nenette is one of my favorite bloggers. She always cracks me up. I think we’d be best friends if we lived in the same country. Only we’ll never be able to spend time in each other’s abodes because we both hate entertaining at home. Read on, have a laugh and check out her perspective on […] Read more…

Inspiration Sunday: Statements

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Kick of the week by reflecting on one, two or all 12 of the images that follow. Which one resonates with you most? Have a good week! Image credits: Rain. Call and Answer. Go on. Quit your job. Coin toss. Fish Genius. Story. Midnight Magic. Curious. It gets better. Rent. Never forget. Read more…

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