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Have Yourself a Bookish Little Christmas Tree

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Every Christmas we go for themed decorations at home. They’ve mostly centered around colors, and once we went Victorian. We wanted something different this year though without having to spend on new decorations. One thing our family enjoys doing (individually and together) is read. And so the theme “Bookish Christmas” was born! Here’s our Christmas […] Read more…

Lavender to calm the soul

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Ah, lovely lavender. According to this resource (UMM), lavender comes from the Latin root lavare, meaning “to wash.” It was often used in baths to help purify body and spirit. Research also points to lavender providing sedative effects. The scent of lavender is so soothing! These bath time treats from Healthy Options are my favorites, […] Read more…

How to enjoy the play days of summer more

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I came home yesterday to a lovely package filled with great-for-the-summer goodies! Johnson’s is advocating the wonders of outdoor play. These products of theirs can get kids enjoying the outdoors more while keeping cool. No sticky feeling, no “amoy-araw”, and no “bungang araw”! Ack, I remember being a victim of bungang araw when I was […] Read more…

It’s great to be a WAHM!

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I’m a Windows girl. Yup. I admit it. I’ve been a PC girl my whole life and I don’t think that will change anytime soon. I’m happy with my Acer laptop, my Windows 7 and Microsoft Powerpoint. I have a Ph.D. in Microsoft Powerpoint. Seriously. Go ask my boss! My three morning essentials: Coffee, pastry […] Read more…

Classic Pinoy TV Commercials

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TV commercials are fun to watch. They were a source of amusement as early as I could sit up in a crib, then became even more so when I joined the advertising industry after college. I got a chance to write about old TV commercials at The Philippine Online Chronicles and had a blast doing […] Read more…

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