How to enjoy the play days of summer more


I came home yesterday to a lovely package filled with great-for-the-summer goodies! Johnson’s is advocating the wonders of outdoor play. These products of theirs can get kids enjoying the outdoors more while keeping cool. No sticky feeling, no “amoy-araw”, and no “bungang araw”! Ack, I remember being a victim of bungang araw when I was a kid. It was hot and itchy. Blech. I sure don’t want Timmy to experience that.

Thank you J&J! Weeee! I love their powders most especially <3

In the goody bag:
Top row: JOHNSON’S® Baby Pink Blossoms Powder with long-lasting fragrance, JOHNSON’S® Baby Skin Protection Powder, and JOHNSON’S® Baby Cooling Powder with honeysuckle.

Of these three, I’ve only previously tried the Cooling Powder variant. I use it on Timmy’s baby butt after washing to protect against rashes. I started using this last December when he had a terrible diaper rash! This Cooling Powder helped heal the rashes so I carried on using it for protection.

I’m excited to try both pink and orange ones and I’ll be trying the Skin Protection Powder first! Timmy’s been getting slight rashes because of this bad heat so I hope this helps. Read more about sun protection here.

Bottom row: JOHNSON’S® Baby Summer Peach Bath with Vitamin E and the natural essence of Peach Leaf, JOHNSON’S® Baby Cooling Bath with honeysuckle, JOHNSON’S® Baby Slide Cologne, JOHNSON’S® Baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion, JOHNSON’S® Baby Bounce Cologne.

I’ve tried the Cooling Bath before and it’s good! I like how it smells. I’m not a cologne user, but I’ll give these a whirl to see which one will smell good on the boy. I’m sure they’ll smell better than the amoy-araw scent he has after our afternoon walks!

My favorite of all Johnson’s powders is actually their Bedtime variant. It’s a bedtime powder so not for Play Days BUT you sure can use it after a full day of play! Drifting off to sleep after a day of active play with its soothing scent spells nothing but comfort. Its bedtime baby lotion is tops, too!

Suuuuuper thanks to Johnson’s for this very useful summer package! Timmy will definitely enjoy his outdoor play longer. I can’t wait to try them all! This Mom won’t mind sharing in the powders too 😉

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