Animal-Themed Gift Bags

A few weeks ago, Timmy turned 4 years old. Oh wow, I no longer have a toddler. He’s officially a child. My heart soars and weeps at the same time! Part of this milestone was sharing the love with his classmates. He didn’t have a party in class, but he did share some of his favorite things with them. Presenting: Animal-Themed Gift Bags!

Animal-Themed Gift Bags
Animal-Themed Gift Bags

Since Timmy loves animals (we had an animal-themed birthday get-together at home!), it made perfect sense to share his love for animals with his classmates via this little gift bag. [Continue Reading...]


  1. Timmy’s loot bag for the win. :)

    That was my favorite part of the Alon’s party. Putting together the gift bags. Divisoria, of course, has a wide array of very affordable kids stuff including pig and bear coin banks. We also had animal squeaky toys which were a hit with the tots. :)

  2. Cute and practicality-wise

  3. How cute and practical! Putting stickers on the bag labels is a great idea!

    Caw caw rawr’s from Up? Hehe.

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