Of cracked eggs and friendship

We met in 1994. Squatted in the college quad our freshman year till we established our own hangout place under a huge tree surrounded by benches. We may have carved our group name’s initials on that tree. When it rained, our spot was the second set of steps by the library. Thesis and projects (maybe a relationship or two) would make one of us disappear for a couple of weeks, but we’d always resurface at those same spots. We experienced a lot of firsts with one another, including stepping on a snail while drunk (it was an accident!).

17 years ago, we were all hanging out under that tree (and may have experienced a fallen higad or two). We’d be cramming for tests, singing to whoever’s on the guitar (or with whoever wanted to sing acapella), doodling in our barkada’s logbook (a real live group blog!), arguing (sometimes), and laughing (lots of times). Unlike relationships with then-boyfriends and then-girlfriends, we stuck to one another all throughout college, and way after college.

It’s 2012, definitely way after college. The bonds stay present, the bonds stay strong. I don’t know if that tree or the steps are still there. We don’t need that tree or the steps to make us feel like we’re still in college anyway. Put us anywhere together and it’ll be the same old us (give or take a couple of pounds).

College friends 14 years later
Rowie. Amy (Ordo’s wife). Ordo. Me. Raffy. Anj. Bok. Caths (Ganns’ wife). Ganns. Karen. Not in the picture: Chiqui (New York). Erik (Baguio). Jonas.

I wanted to end this blog entry with some cheesy friendship quote, but I couldn’t find a saccharine one that captured our group’s relationship. I found this instead:

“A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.” — Bernard Meltzer

You don’t get to 17 years without a couple of cracks. Heck, even if one of us eggs breaks we’ll stick by one another. Check us out in 17 years and I just know we’ll still be together, cracks and all. Yep, my friends are a bunch of good eggs. They’re the best eggs I know. <3

Tekka Shakedon at Kimono Ken

Are you a salmon and tuna sashimi lover? You gotta try this bowl from Kimono Ken — the Tekka Shakedon. Mmmmm.

Tekka Shakedon at Kimono Ken

For Php300, you get a bowl of steamed rice topped with six delicious slices of salmon sashimi, six yummy slices of tuna sashimi, a dollop of wasabi and pickled radishes. It is yummeh. I couldn’t finish the whole thing thing though. This also comes with a bowl of Miso soup.

You can opt to have it all salmon or all tuna sashimi; I just can’t remember if there’s a price difference. Next time I’ll get all salmon. Finish this off with a cup of hot house tea and you’ll be one satisfied eater. Burp!

Check out Kimono Ken’s list of branches at munchpunch.

CornFlake Milk ice cream from Sebastian’s

If you’re a cereal lover, you just might fall in love with this ice cream. Tasting like the milk left over from a bowl of cereal (complete with matching crunchy and soggy cornflakes), this CornFlake Milk ice cream from Sebastian’s is delicious. It did make me feel like I was eating breakfast. Get me the morning paper, some coffee, let me wear my pajamas and yup, it whisks me back to breakfast time.

Cornflake milk ice cream from Sebastian's

The CornFlake Milk ice cream tastes exactly like the milk in a bowl of cornflakes after they’ve been swimming for a couple of minutes. As my sister pointed out, it does not taste like milk ice cream with cereal bits. Nosiree. It really did taste like a bowl of cornflakes. The ice cream becomes even more like breakfast because there are crunchy bits of cornflakes in a scoop. “Crunchy cornflakes steeped in milk” is how Sebastian’s describes this ice cream. We’re a family of cereal lovers, so tasting this ice cream made our toes curl.

According to Sebastian’s, this flavor was inspired by a visit to the Momofuku Milk Bar in New York City. (Ah New York, you beckon me again.) Looking at their menu, I saw that they sold soft-serve cereal milk and cereal milk by the jug. Yum. Thank you Sebastian’s for bringing this flavor to Manila!

Guess who else enjoyed this ice cream?

Sharing ice cream

White spoon at the center — mine. Orange spoon — the toddler’s. Pink spoon — my sister’s. Yup, the three of us dove into a single scoop. Guess who ate most of it? If you picked the one with the orange spoon, you got it right.

A single scoop is Php100, double scoop is Php180. I enjoyed this so much I’m definitely going back to Sebastian’s to order not just a scoop or two but a whole pint. This is a keeper in the freezer! That is till my sister and toddler discover it. Let’s keep this secret between us. :P

Sebastian’s can be located at Podium Mall (4th floor), The Block (3rd floor) and COLD COMFORT Ice Cream Parlor (SM Mall of Asia, New Entertainment Mall, 2nd Floor). Check out their Facebook page here.

Inspiration Sunday: Cute Food

Food is yummier to eat when it looks cute. Then again, it could be too cute to eat. I guess it would depend on how much rumbling your tummy is doing!

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Happy Sunday!

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My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss

“You’d be surprised how many ways I change on different colored days!”

Choosing colors is one way to explain feelings and moods with little ones. Dr. Seuss’ “My Many Colored Days” is one of my favorite concept books to read with my toddler. This book assigns colors to moods, complemented by catchy rhymes.

Feeling yellow?
“There comes a Yellow Day. / and weeeee / I am a busy, buzzy bee.” As you turn each page, you’ll be delighted by gorgeous paintings and whimsical lyrics.

Feeling blue?
I love that the book acknowledges that there are good days and there are lousy days. Whatever you’re feeling on any day, there’s a color to capture your emotions.

Feeling green?
Can you guess what emotion green stands for? This is my toddler’s favorite page. He loves the big green fish! As for me, busybee Mommy loves the yellow page! If only I could blow up that spread and paste that image above my workspace.

You can use this book to ask your child what color he is today. You can also ask him if there are any colors that are not in the book. It’s amazing how these lighthearted illustrations are a great springboard for creative discussion.

My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss
The board book has very sturdy pages. Get this one for younger kids! The images are so colorful and playful that they would want to touch the pictures again and again.

“My Many Colored Days” is for kids ages 2 and up. My son has been going through this book since he was seven months though! He’s two years old now and still gets engaged every time he reads it. It’s definitely one of our favorite family books.

This book is a beautiful celebration of colors and feelings. It teaches kids of all ages that there may be days when we’re grey with boredom or down and brown, but there are also days when we’re buzzy yellows and free-thinking pinks! Then there are days when you can be a jumble of colors! No worries though because “it all turns out all right, you see. And I go back to being . . . me.”

What’s your color today? :)