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Easy Ratatouille

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Ratatouille is a comforting dish. You can eat it as a main meal, but I’ve come to like it as a side dish or a topping on pieces of toasted bread. Here’s how I make ratatouille. The bulk of the preparation is in cubing the veggies, so I suggest that you prepare this on a leisurely morning! :) Read more…

My Go-To Comfort Food: One Pot Pasta

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Comfort Food

Last Friday, I had one of the most tiring days I ever had. I accompanied my child on his field trip and it was 2 HOURS of non-stop play! It was so much fun but also quite exhausting. When my husband picked us up from school, we headed straight for the supermarket where I could buy ingredients for much-needed comfort food. I wanted something tomatoey. I needed something basil-y. I needed something gooey. I need something quick to make! One pot pasta it was. Read more…

One Pot Pasta Recipe

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This One Pot Pasta recipe is exactly what it means — cook the pasta and sauce in one pot! Fuss-free and yummy, just the way I like my dishes. Seriously! Prep time is 10 minutes tops, and cooking time is 15 minutes. One pot meals have always appealed to me. Single-burner stoves were a huge […] Read more…