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Raising a happy reader

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Want to raise a happy reader? Place books in every room of your home. My sisters and I grew up in a home full of books. Books weren’t confined to bookshelves, though I’m sure my Mama would have preferred that to prevent clutter! There were books on bedside tables. On the coffee table. Crammed into […] Read more…


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What are you doing on 12/12/12? * 2013 is going to rock. At the same time, I’ve got butterflies in my stomach that won’t go away. I’m doing my best to ignore them but they’re going bat-crazy and flapping their wings like they’re on a caffeine buzz. I’m going back to corporate in the first […] Read more…

You don’t do much all day, do you?

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This post was first published on’s Unblogged. I’m sharing it here in my blog for my Wifely Steps family. This is for all the work-at-home and stay-at-home Moms who feel they’re misunderstood. Cheers! We were having a quiet lunch and I was complaining to my friend how I didn’t have time for myself anymore. […] Read more…

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