Knife Fighting Instructional

I’m sharing a Knife Fighting Instructional with you guys featuring my husband (Dennis) and his teacher (Jeric). This basic video teaches you how to defend yourself against knife attacks, whether or not you have a knife with you.

Martial arts is a big part of my husband’s life and I’m all for supporting it! That is why I’m sharing this Knife Fighting Instructional with you. It’s 2-minutes and a pretty cool watch! Come click and view.

Knife Fighting Instructional: Guro Jeric Pantaleon & Dennis Tiu

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  1. Hey Toni,
    I’m getting more and more interesting in this. I remember my high school days in the Karate club when our “master” used to teach us these defense tactics.

    Nice video really ;) and good luck. Please share more of this

  2. Great Video,

    I think it’s always important to know the few simple steps to defend yourself if your ever attacked with a knife. This video is great because it shows you those steps and they are very effective. Thanks for sharing this and keep up the great work!


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