It’s good to be back… now, updates galore!


I couldn’t get into Blogger over the past 2 weeks! My fingers were itching to blog but the computer just wouldn’t cooperate with me… but anyway!

Some nice kwento (stories):

– Last Thursday, I cleaned the bathroom for the first time in my whole life! I felt so proud. Heehee. (Background: I was never raised to perform household chores. So this is a mighty achievement for me!) Now I clean the bathroom every other day.

– I’m excited! Mama and I are watching the Bocelli concert on Friday. Ooooh. I hope it’s good. I bought the tickets as a special gift for her. I hope she enjoys!

– Here’s a nice “meal” I discovered: H and I LOVE Zaragoza’s Spanish Sardines in Olive Oil. Totally healthy and yummy! H likes his with rice. As for me, I grab two slices of wheat bread and use the sardines as palaman (filling). Mmm mmm good. It’s always on my shopping list. 😉

Some not-so-nice kwento:

– Our water heater tank BURST last week. Ugh. Our kitchen and part of the dining area was flooded, man! I had to stay up till midnight wiping the mess up. It’s fixed now, but we still need to find a replacement. We’ve had no hot water for the past week. =( The good thing is it’s still a very hot summer here, so the cold water is welcoming. We’re back to heating water in the kettle and pouring it into the bath water. Finding a replacement is not an easy task, but we target to have one installed by the end of summer.

– Termites might be eating into my closet! I say “might be eating” because it still has to be fully checked out. For now, I dig my office clothes straight out of a suitcase.

– My grandfather (how ironic… my previous entry was about him and my grandma) got hospitalized this week. An aneurysm was found in his abdomen. Plus a lump the size of a fist in his left lung. Not exactly good news. More tests are being conducted. I’m asking for prayers for his speedy recovery. I’ve exhausted myself of tears already. That’s a good thing, considering I’m helping out in the hospital by running errands like photocopying stuff, buying people’s lunches, those things. I’d be too tired to cry. We’re all trying to be strong for Wowo. Please do pray he gets better.

And now… gotta catch up on reading your blogs!!!

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