Happy New Year!


So how were your holidays?

Both my Christmas and New Year celebrations were spent in a quiet and intimate way with family. All gatherings were filled with love, laughter and family bonding, just the way I like it. I’m thinking of writing some 2004 reflections but I’m just not in the mood yet. I think I’m in denial that another year has started. Time flies so fast.

Instead of writing about that, let me write about one of my favorite Christmas presents. This was one of H’s presents. He gave me a Magnetic Poetry Kit! I’ve been wanting one since I first learned about it (eons ago) but never thought it was available here in the Philippines till this year when we saw it at Hobbes (a toy and hobby store in Greenbelt).

I love tinkering with the kit. It’s highly relaxing. I just pull a chair, sit in front of the ref and stare at my blank white “canvas” and then start putting up words randomly till a poem forms. It is so therapeutic.

Magnetic Writing

This one I made to reflect my reason for writing. Click picture to enlarge.

Magnetic Dream

This one captures my dream for 2005. Go figure what it is. Click picture to enlarge.

Magnetic Reminder

This one serves as a reminder so I stay away from those things that make me gain weight. It tells of what I’ll be doing once I take a bite of fatty stuff. Tsk tsk. I hope this one works. Click picture to enlarge.

I hope that 2005 brings you your heart’s whispers. :) Happy New Year!

2 Comments on Happy New Year!

  1. rolly
    January 4, 2005 at 12:46 pm (19 years ago)

    I’ve been trying to post a comment on this one and yet hindi ako makapasok. Now, I know iba yung nakaka-wink sa guests. HAHAHA

    Anyway, what I liked to say was that I also have a magnetic poetry kit like the one you have. It was given to me by a poet friend of mine. I do find some therapeutic value in it, too. i think there’s also one that is online. HAve you tried it? Sayang, i lost the addy na e.


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