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What My Son Taught Me This Weekend

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There’s a lot you can learn from kids. This weekend, all I wanted to do was hole up at home, stay on the couch and veg out. It was a long, tiring week and I just wanted to zone out. My 6-year-old had other plans though, and he made sure I was with him for the ride. Here are just a few life lessons I got from my little one this weekend. Read more…

My Son Turned 6 Today

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My son turned 6 today

My son turned 6 today. 6 is the number of years my husband and I waited and struggled to have a child. 6 is the age of our son now, setting a half-and-half mark. 6 years of yearning for a child, 6 years of raising the child most yearned for. This is why he is so precious.

And today, it was his day all the way (as most days are).  Read more…

Take a Deep Breath — How Mindful Breathing Calms You

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My son taking a breather in the playground before running around again.

At home, I taught my 5-year-old how to do it. In the beginning, it was me reminding him to take deep breaths. It usually happened when he was throwing a tantrum. After I let him express his frustration, whether it’s through tears or some angry words, I tell him, “Timmy. Take a deep breath.” He does. “One more time.” He does it again. It instantly calms him. Then he’s able to reflect better on what he was being so frustrated about, so we get to deal with it in a gentler, calmer manner. Read more…

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