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What are you doing on 12/12/12? * 2013 is going to rock. At the same time, I’ve got butterflies in my stomach that won’t go away. I’m doing my best to ignore them but they’re going bat-crazy and flapping their wings like they’re on a caffeine buzz. I’m going back to corporate in the first […] Read more…

Share your me-time tips

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Things that run through my head when I’m able to kick back a bit: Where will my family and I be five years from now? Did I leave the faucet running before leaving the bathroom? Will I ever get my hair colored again? When will I go back to corporate? Will my son be this […] Read more…

Kids come first

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Choose the kids first. Always, always, always. ***** Source: via Toni on Pinterest ***** Timmy’s pulling on my arm, directing me to sit on the floor with him. I’m going “Wait, baby! I’ll just finish this report!” He doesn’t take that as an answer and tugs on me more strongly. I press one last […] Read more…

The Baby Blanket from Bulgaria

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Beautiful memories can make any object more valuable than it actually is. Baby things are so much like that. I can’t throw Timmy’s first pair of shoes away. I’m still holding on to his onesies from his first year. Then there’s one very special item I know I’ll keep even when he’s outgrown it — […] Read more…

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